This server will be an easy server. It will be fast to level up and bosses can be defeated in solo style. Aswell easy to collect any Wcoin and RUUD currency. The top Bosses will drop GP items, those are rare but it will be worth waiting for it since it's the end-gear :-).

Mu online very easy edition 99999x

Mu online server settings:

Fully balanced & configured season 16 episode 2 

- Added custom wings, weapons, shields, sets, ancient types

- Balanced PVM system, improved PVP system - GOOD beta tests fixes implements

- 99.999x master experience, fast level up

- 10 points per level up

- Wcoin box drops from bosses & events. 1 box is 10k wcoins

- Wcoins online reward

- Custom jewels from events like Doublegear, Imperial event

- [Boss] Rathian will drop special GP items

- Improved RUUD ancient options

- All skills at NPC

- Starters Freebies


Mu online season 17

Mu online season 16 episode 2


Posted 23 / 11 / 2021 By MuAdmin


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Muonline season 16
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